Sexiest Gifs

Sexiest Gifs

Here is a collection of some of the hottest / sexiest gifs that you can find on the Internet. I'll try to provide the source for each one, simply because I hate it when people post gifs without making a note of who it is or where its from. There will be no nudity here because I'd like to at least try and keep it classy! With that said, lets get this show on the road:

Olivia Munn
Here's one of actress / model Olivia Munn in a hot tub. I'm pretty sure that this is from a Maxim photo shoot.

olivia munn

Zahia Dehar
I couldn't find too much information on who this lady is because she doesn't seem to have a Wikipedia page. However, after brushing up on my google-fu, I managed to find out that she became famous a number of years ago after it emerged that she had slept with some members of the French national football team, and that she was underage at the time. Now it seems as though she owns her own lingerie fashion line. This particular gif is from a small video called The Cat Cave.

Hula Hoop
Unfortunately, I have no idea who this girl is or where its from.

hot hula hoop girl

Kate Upton
Here's a gif of swimsuit model Kate Upton dancing on the beach in a bikini. Kate is from St. Joseph in Michigan. She was signed by Elite Model Management in 2008.

kate upton hot

An animated gif of Colombian singer Shakira dancing on stage during a live performance. She recently gave birth to her son Milan (January 2013). She's with Barcelona center back Gerard Piqué.

shakira booty

Michelle Jenneke
Here's one of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke dancing / warming up before a race:

Michelle Jenneke warm up

Megan Fox
An animated gif of actress Megan Fox taking off her dress. Not entirely where this is from, but I do believe that this was in some guy's day dream. Fox is from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She has starred in movies such as Transformers and This Is 40.

megan fox

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Here's one of Texan actress Jennifer Love Hewitt sitting down at a table in a skimpy / fitting pink dress. She starred in shows such as Ghost Whisperer and Time of Your Life. Pretty sure that this particular gif is from the movie Heartbreakers (2001), which co-starred Sigourney Weaver.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in sexy pink dress

Girl Jumping
No idea who this is. Looks like one of those TV Gladiators, judging by the gear. Heard it is from a Spanish game show. Gotta love the face on the guy trying not to look:

woman jumping around

Camila Davalos
Colombia lingerie model Camila Davalos:

camila davalos in her underwear

Selena Spice
Here's an animated gif of a latin American girl called Selena Spice in some fitting green yoga pants:

yoga pants

Newton's Third Law of Motion
In this gif, an interviewer demonstrates Newton's Third Law of Motion by slapping some girl on the backside:


Jada Stevens
According to Google's reverse image search, this is Jada Stevens. That's a whole lot of jigglin'...

Jada Stevens

Rachel McAdams
Here's Canadian actress Rachel McAdams's booty. Not sure what movie this scene is from or who she is kissing:

hot Rachel McAdams kissing scene

Jenna Fischer
Lets try and bring some class back into this. This is Jenna Fisher opening her hotel room door in lingerie, who is from Fort Wayne in Indiana. Apparently (according to a comment I saw on another forum board), this is from Blades of Glory (2007), which also starred Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.

Jenna Fisher in Blades of Glory

Diora Baird
This is an animated gif of Miami actress Diora Baird. Not sure what movie this is from, but if I were to make a guess, I'd say that its from Wedding Crashers (2005). Last year, she starred in the movie Transit.

donna baird

Alison Brie
This is Alison Brie trying to seduce someone by showing more cleavage. She's an actress who portrays the character Annie Edison in the hit TV show Community. She also plays the character Trudy Campbell on Mad Men.

alison brie

Claudia De Falchi
I'm not sure who Claudia De Falchi is, but I'm guessing that she's a latin American model? Or maybe she's Italian? Google didn't really help me on this one.

strutting on TV show

Katy Perry
Here's a rather suggestive gif of Californian pop star Katy Perry. Believe it or not, her real name is actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

katy perry being sexy

Shay Laren
Here's one of a woman trying her best to fit into some tight jeans. Reverse image search tells me that her name is Shay Laren. Not sure how reliable that information is:


Sara Varone
Here's Italian television host Sara Varone desperately trying to stop her dress from falling down:

Sara Varone

Veronica Belmont
Veronica is the co-host of the Revision3 show Tekzilla, which is a gaming show:

Veronica Belmont

Bikini Girl
I have no idea who this blonde bikini girl is. Guessing that she is some sort of swimsuit model. Reverse image search just gave me some generic results:

hot blonde

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Here's a sexy animated gif of Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 1999 movie Entrapment, which co-starred Sean Connery. This was during the famous laser beam scene:

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Booty Slap
A memorizing gif of a girl's booty / behind being slapped while red and blue glitter is thrown everywhere:


Jessica Alba Tease
Here's actress Jessica Alba teasing some poor boy by tasting the chocolate on his finger.

jessica alba sexy

Hula Hoop #2
Another gif of a hot girl playing around with a hula hoop! Whats not to like?

hula hoop

Yoga Pants
I could try and be funny and say something like "that's a nice back flip" but I think I'd rather be honest and say that the only reason this gif is actually famous is because of the girl with the white yoga pants:

yoga pants

Here's Ava Addams in what looks to be a cheerleader outfit. Don't blame me, Google Reverse Image Search will only give a guy so much information:

ava addams

Jenn Kaeli
This is animated gif of Jenn Kaeli in the shower. I'm not actually sure who she is or what she does.

Jenn Kaeli

Michelle Jenneke - Swimsuit
Here's a more recent one of the Australian hurdler. This is during her photoshoot with Sports Illustrated:

Michelle Jenneke in a swimsuit photoshoot

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale made it into the big leagues when she landed major roles in the movies Pearl Harbor and Serendipity, both of which hit the theaters back in 2001:

Kate Beckinsale

Some clumsy girl dropping her sunblock while at the beach (a commentator has said that this is British actress Michelle Keegan).

woman at the beach drops her sunblock

Danielle Lo
A hot gif of Danielle Lo taking off her dress:

Danielle Lo

A girl in black yoga pants firing a gun shows us the effects of recoil.

girl shoots gun

A cute gif of a random girl winking and smiling:


Hair Down
Here's one of another random girl (not sure who she is) seductively letting her hair down:


Here's one of Colombian singer / dancer arching her back during a music video:


Charlie Sweets
Webcam girl Charlie Sweets shaking her booty on camera:

booty shake

Emma Watson
English actress and model Emma Watson sticking her tongue out while she's on dancefloor. This is from the upcoming movie "The Bling Ring" (2013), which is due to hit cinemas in June:

emma watson

Dannie Riel
Asian / French import model Dannie Riel.

Dannie Riel

Vica Kerekes
Here's a famous one of actress Vica Kerekes in a red dress.

sexy red dress

Maria Menounos
TV presenter Maria Menounos in a green bikini.

Maria Menounos

Asian girls
A scene from the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007). I've seen others mention the names Jamie Chung and Tila Tequila.

asian girls

Here's one of Paula Labaredas doing a Cammy cosplay (Street Fighter character):

Paula Labaredas

Sadie West
Here's a gif of Sadie West working out wearing sunglasses and a white leotard:

Sadie West

Lucy Pinder
English model Lucy Pinder wearing a white bikini during one of her photo shoots. Ms Pinder is best known for featuring in Men's magazines such as Zoo and Nuts.

Lucy Pinder

Nicole Mejia
Model Nicole Mejia wrapped up in some sort of black tape:

Nicole Mejia

Carol Seleme Daniel
Brazilian-born Carol Seleme Daniel starring in a music video for the song DEAR CALI by 2TONE.

Carol Seleme Daniel hot jeans

Shake those hips...
I've no idea who this brunette is. All of my web sleuthing has come up short. Looks to be some sort of modelling contest.

Anastacia Sokolova
Meet Russian fitness instructor Anastacia Sokolova.

Anastacia Sokolova


  1. Emma Watson is not sexy. She looks like kid.

    Hula hop girl is Remy LaCroix.

    1. That's Melanie Iglesias idiot

    2. the first hula hoop girl is remy lacroix, IDIOT.

    3. I can't help but laugh at this, but yeah, first girl is Remy LaCroix.

    4. internet fight!

    5. It's Remy, you can watch the whole hula hoop scene on youtube (it's about 8 minutes in)

    6. emma watson is sexy i dunno what you on about

  2. Emma Watson is hot. She does NOT look like [a] kid. Try looking with your good eye.

    1. Emma Watson is hot if your 10 and shes your baby sitter. She Looks like a youngster. Seek Counseling and legal age-looking women. `,;-`

    2. You know she's 23, right...?

  3. Hula Hoop Girl #2 is Melanie Iglesias.

  4. Rachel McAdams is from movie "Morning Glory"

    Alison Brie is from the making of an Episode of Community

  5. the girl jumping is Sabrina Sato, and the blonde girl in the background is Juju Salimeni, both hot and brazilians

  6. Claudia De Falchi is italian

  7. Bikini Girl is bikini model Shendelle Schokman and the clip is probably taken from a video, with the logo covered up with the logo.

  8. who is the reporter who is slapping the ass in the laws of motion gif?

  9. The Rachel McAdams one is from the 2010 film "Morning Glory" and the guy is Patrick Wilson.

  10. The girl who drops the lotion/sunblock is Michelle Keegan

  11. Claudia De Falchi is ,unluckily, italian.. is she do a good "job" maybe in the next year she can be a politician with PDL

  12. Anybody find out who the "Shake Those Hips" girl is?

  13. Hair Down
    Anna Speckhart ... I think